IG: tweenaface

Conference calls with friends.

When they’re talking about something you have no idea about, then they say your name..

I just want to walk into a store wearing a robbery mask and buy something. While I’m at the check out, I’ll just scare the fuck outta the cashier.

Okay so everyone should watch Duets..

Well I like it lol. You can watch it free on just search duets (duh)

Hate it when…

At a beginning of a rap battle the dude goes “Uh uh uh uh yeah uh yeah uh uh huh uh yeah huh yeah yeah yeah uh uh yeah uh uh uh okay uh yeah yeah ookay uh yeah yeah yeah” Like no stop and rap already. LOL

Me ending a presentation in class..

Eating Food...

At home: Smash that shit
At relatives': Smash that shit
At buffet: Smash that shit
At restaurant: Smash that shit
At friends' house: Uhm, no thank you.


Me: What did one pie say to the other?
Friend: Omg what?
Me: Nothing, cuz pies can't talk yadumcunt

I’m so sick right now..

In throwing everything up. At least I look skinny tho, ayee